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Self-Employed Contribution Bases for 2024

Since last year, a new contribution system for self-employed workers was established based on annual net returns.
The self-employed must communicate to Social Security a forecast of the net income they will obtain in the exercise of all their economic activities. The calculation of the net income will be carried out by deducting from the income all the expenses necessary to obtain it, as well as a deduction for generic expenses of 7% (3% for corporate self-employed workers).
Throughout the year, they may modify their contribution base up to six times to adjust it to the evolution of their return forecast. Depending on the income forecast communicated, the self-employed worker must choose a contribution base comprised between the minimum and maximum contribution bases that correspond to their income bracket in accordance with the general table of bases (there are tables already established for the years 2024). and 2025).
In any case, the bases chosen will be provisional until they are regularized starting the following year, based on the annual returns obtained and communicated by the Treasury.
Once the final contribution base has been calculated, if this has been higher than the base for which the self-employed person has been contributing provisionally during the year, the affected person may enter the contribution differences, without late payment interest or any surcharge, until the last day of the month following that in which the result of the regularization is notified. If its provisional base has been higher, the Treasury will proceed to the corresponding refund before May 31 of the following year.
For the purposes of choosing the contribution base, the General State Budget Law will establish each year tables with different sections of the self-employed person's net income: in addition, for each section a minimum contribution base and a maximum base will be established. In this way, the self-employed person must opt ​​for a contribution base that is between the minimum and the maximum set for the income bracket that he expects to obtain in the year.

self-employed quote table 2024

Once the contribution base has been chosen, the monthly contribution will be obtained by applying to the contribution base the contribution types that the General State Budget Law establishes each year.
The total contribution rate is 30,60% (plus 0,70% of the MEI),


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