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We are specialists in taxation of the Crypto world and we know all the details and the tax and accounting obligations that crypto users have, whether they are individuals or companies.

What should you keep in mind if you operate with cryptocurrencies?

Having cryptocurrencies may imply the obligation of having to present different taxes depending on the volume and the operations carried out, such as the Income Tax of Individuals, Model 720, the Wealth Tax or the Corporation Tax. In addition, it is very important to keep an accounting record of all the transactions carried out to justify the traceability of the transactions before the Tax Agency.

Online Consulting:

Through an online or face-to-face consultancy, we analyze the operations carried out and propose actions to carry out tax planning that minimizes risks and costs.

Pre-Declaration Tax Report:

In order to properly accredit all movements made and taxation applied. Taxpayers who operate with cryptocurrencies have the obligation to demonstrate and prove the profits and losses produced before the authorities.

Income tax return or complementary:

We prepare and advise for the correct declaration of the Income Tax of Physical Persons. For this it is necessary to have all the details of all the transactions carried out.

Responses to letters from the Treasury:

The operations in cryptocurrencies are under the magnifying glass of the Treasury for lacking a specific solid regulation and for not having access to all the information by the authorities. For this reason, the probability of receiving a request is very high and it is advisable to be prepared.

Advice to companies that use cryptocurrencies:

Do you know that there are a large number of business models that use and will use some type of crypto asset in the future? The opportunities offered to companies to grow their businesses are endless and also require specific accounting.

Form 720 for Investments abroad:

If you have investments in cryptocurrencies of more than €50.000 located in an exchange not located in Spain, you must present this informative declaration annually.
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