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Companies will no longer have to update and save the so-called guestbook of the Labor Inspectorate in which they had to keep track of the inspections carried out by this body. The Ministry of Employment and Social Security has approved a ministerial order published today by the Official State Gazette (BOE) that definitively eliminates this guestbook, both in paper format and in electronic format.

This measure will result in savings of 700 million euros, which is part of the Government's measures to reduce administrative burdens, as explained by the Ministry of Employment yesterday.

 With this elimination, the obligation to document and record the inspection actions carried out during visits to companies or during their appearances at inspection offices is also transferred from the company to the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate.

El guestbook of the Inspectorate whose origin is linked to the creation of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate itself, 110 years ago. In fact, in 1906, the first regulations for the labor inspection service, approved by the then Ministry of the Interior, required that all establishments subject to inspection have a visitor's book.

In 2013, this book was replaced by the electronic format, in a first adaptation of the Labor Inspectorate due to the growing use of new technologies in the relations of companies with the Administration.

Now, the labor inspectors, when they make visits to the work centers or checks in public facilities, will extend diligence, as established by the order, and may use electronic means.

Specifically, they will extend a diligence for each visit, reflecting the matters, aspects examined or incidents, which must be kept for a period of five years.

The order contemplates that the model be made in a bilingual version in the autonomous communities with a co-official language.

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