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The importance of insuring your business

A business, both those that existed 100 years ago and those of today, develop their activities in an environment where they must deal with multiple risks that can endanger or even make a company with a long history disappear.

These risks are increasingly diverse, such as the risk that our company's facilities suffer a fire, the risk that a client demands compensation from us, or even the most recent risks such as viruses or computer attacks that can destroy or even capture all the information of our company in a few seconds.

Taking steps to keep all these threats to a minimum is a first-level need for all organizations. These measures have to be mainly preventive, developing activities as solid and safe as possible.

Hiring an Insurance Policy is one of the most important preventive measures, and it must specifically cover a certain risk.

Hiring an insurance policy has become a strategic activity of the company and it should be a task that is carried out reflectively and carefully analyzing all coverage, so that at the never desired moment of having a claim, our insurance policy do your job perfectly.

 Next, we detail the types of insurance coverage that we currently consider the most important for both self-employed and companies:

Specifically for Freelance:

  • Accidents / suicide: For many companies it is mandatory because it is indicated in the collective agreement. But this type of insurance is especially recommended for freelancers and small businesses where the work of the owner is vital to generate income. They cover both the professional and personal fields permanent disability, temporary disability and death by accident. And there is also the option of being entitled to a daily allowance in case of illness or accident. The premium for this type of insurance is usually annual and the prices are quite affordable with prices starting at € 50 / year.
  • Life: It is the type of insurance to think about when you have children, since it allows you to receive in the event of death or disability an agreed capital to supplement the income of both the insured and his family in the event of death. Premiums are usually annual and the cost varies depending on the age of the insured. We can find offers from € 300 / year.
  • Savings: We live in uncertain times when public retirement pensions and even more so in the case of the self-employed will be very scarce in the future; so it is necessary to save privately to guarantee a more dignified level of income in the future. It should be noted the tax benefits for hiring this type of savings products that make it very attractive.

Specific for companies:

  • Civil liability: This is an insurance that covers the damages that we have caused to a third party carrying out the activity of our company. The premiums to be paid vary depending on the type of activity and the amount insured.
  • Trade or business multi-risk: Covers the facilities and stocks that the company has. The premiums to be paid vary depending on the amount insured, which we recommend that it be reviewed periodically so that there are no situations in which the insurance does not cover all the goods or facilities of a company.
  • Managers: This is a new insurance coverage that responds to negligence or non-compliance by the managers of a company.
  • Cyberattacks: This is undoubtedly the one that is reaching the most popularity in recent times due to the increase in computer viruses, cyberattacks and extortion.
  • Collection insurance: This type of insurance aims to guarantee the collection of a large part of the outstanding amounts from those delinquent clients. This type of insurance requires a prior study by the insurance company and the premiums are usually higher than the insurance discussed above.

Given the complexity of many of these insurances, we recommend having a good advisory[u1]  prior to hiring. This professional advice is offered by duly registered Insurance Mediators.

If you need any kind of clarification, information about the need to have any of these coverages that are always linked to your business activity, contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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