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A global service in the Mercantile Area to companies, ranging from the creation itself, through the daily management of the company, and even its restructuring or liquidation.
We approach all complex corporate operations from a unique strategic point of view that guarantees the technical and economic viability of the company. Good advice in the commercial field can avoid numerous conflicts and boost the activity and performance of this company over time.

Below we detail some of the procedures and services we provide:

  • Incorporation of companies, groups and holding companies.
  • Capital increases.
  • Advice to corporate bodies.
  • Group restructuring.
  • Mediation in conflicts between partners.
  • Drafting of commercial contracts.

We are experts in the preparation and ratification of Expert Reports, and we apply the latest technologies for the detection and quantification of fraud

Our forensic economists offer specialized services in Prevention, Detection and Investigation of business and financial Fraud, and assistance as Independent Expert in the resolution of litigation or judicial or extrajudicial conflicts of an economic-financial nature.

Civil Jurisdiction:

  • Quantification of lost profits and consequential damages for breach of contracts.
  • Opinion of an accounting, financial, economic and IT expert on complex issues.
  • Agency contracts / compensation for clients.
  • Damages for defects in work execution.
  • Marital regime separation.

Commercial-Corporate and Tax Jurisdiction:

  • Disputes related to sales agreements (SPA).
  • Valuation of companies / Valuation of Assets.
  • Disputes between shareholders and challenge of corporate resolutions.
  • Responsibility of administrators.
  • Resolution of contracts.
  • Expert reports in Bankruptcy processes: Preparation
  • Economic memory.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Unfair competition.

Criminal or Labor Jurisdiction:

  • Objective dismissals: justified or unjustified.
  • Investigation and accreditation of possible fraudulent conduct of employees / managers (origin of the dismissal) and quantification of the damages caused.
  • Investigation of socio-economic crimes (unfair administration, punishable insolvency, misappropriation, as well as crimes of a fiscal nature) and computer science.
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William Salvador

William Salvador

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