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2019 has arrived with important news in the contribution of the self-employed and that mainly lead to an increase in the contributions paid by all self-employed workers and that as a novelty for the first time are associated with greater social coverage for the self-employed.

The main novelties are the following:

  1. New quote and quota of the self-employed for 2019:

 The 1,25% increase in the Minimum Contribution Base for the self-employed has been abrogated, with a 30% contribution rate that includes new social coverage for the first time. In this way, the contribution base of the self-employed will go from 932,70 euros to 944,40 as of January 1, 2019; and that causes the increase in the self-employed quota and that it will stand at 283,3 euros per month.

This increase in the quota that all the self-employed will bear entails new benefits for professional contingencies, cessation of activity and training that become mandatory as of 2019.

In practice, these new social coverages will facilitate the self-employed in the following way:

  • Collect the benefit for work-related accidents or occupational diseases from the first day you leave.
  • Stop paying the self-employed fee from the second month of sick leave due to Temporary Disability and until the moment of discharge.
  • Access continuous training.
  • Greater access to the benefit for cessation of activity whose duration increases from 12 to 24 months.
  • Corporate Self-Employed Fee:

The corporate self-employed, which are those self-employed by the fact of having control of a Mercantile Company will also see their minimum base increased, reaching 1.214,08 euros per month and which implies a monthly fee of 364,22 euros .

  • Flat rate:

The new freelancers who are enjoying the initial flat rate of the freelance fee that until December 31, 2018 was 50 euros per month during the first 12 months, as of 2019 the flat rate has been increased to 60 euros per month, not being covered in this case by cessation of activity and training.

All these changes that have come into force are provisional measures until the implementation of the contribution system for real income and by which the self-employed worker will pay his quota based on his income.

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