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Business opportunities for 2018 | enumerate

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We started 2018, and from ENNUMERA we have created an observatory to detect those businesses with high growth and development potential in our area. We have to be aware that we live in a region where the influence of tourism is noticeable in all business and social activities, which is why new concepts are needed that diversify businesses beyond sun and beach tourism and also seasonally the income to have them throughout the year.


As we have said, tourism is the leading business power on the Mediterranean coast, but new challenges that arise will bring threats and new opportunities. As for the threats, it is the reappearance of new tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast, which in recent years have had strong internal conflicts, and whose costs are lower.

This situation entails the obligatory need to reinvent the sun and beach tourism that we know so much, betting on quality, exclusivity and offering differentiated services. For this, new business opportunities are opened for companies that develop and exploit services related to health tourism and also to sports tourism. Our climate offers an opportunity for sports teams from countries with colder climates to take advantage of their training sessions during the winter months; and also for citizens to carry out health and wellness treatments in a natural environment and climate. For this reason, the health sector opens up opportunities for new residences, centers specialized in certain treatments, homes with adapted services, etc.

On the other hand, gastronomic tourism, which is being promoted in recent times, has a potential for exponential growth and development, and which can be complementary to other activities in the primary sector such as agriculture, livestock and fishing in the area.

Business opportunities in the Tourism Sector: Active tourism companies, Residences, companies related to health tourism, tourism housing management services….



Undoubtedly, the excellent gastronomy of the area, together with the quality of the agricultural products, are the perfect combination so that together with the tourist activity a patent agricultural and gastronomic activity is developed, which crosses the natural barriers of the region and exports its products and his know-how to the rest of the regions and countries.

Create exclusive brands or products of the region and designations of origin, to offer it in the local market to visitors and to export them to other regions or countries, and using gastronomic fame as a guarantee of these products.

Business opportunities in the Agriculture / Gastronomy Sector: production of local agricultural products, distribution and export of local agricultural products….




After many years of recession in the real estate market, a moderate growth in this activity is expected, mainly due to foreign investment. At the moment, the real estate market still offers reasonable prices and with some interesting growth expectations in the coming years. But this market has changed a lot in recent years due to the economic crisis, and at this time a product with high quality and a good situation is requested. The emergence of tourist rental platforms are promoting the number of operations with the aim of offering them as tourist accommodation.

Business opportunities in the Real Estate Sector: Construction of exclusive houses, houses for tourist rentals, small hotels with charm.



The irruptions of new technologies will invade all economic sectors, be it the primary sector, as well as the secondary and tertiary sectors, activities such as drones for surveillance of beaches, fires, etc. In particular, in our area, all the technology that facilitates the management and improves the quality of tourist services, such as specialized applications, tourist data analysis, sales platforms, etc.

Business opportunities in the Technology Sector: Tourist Applications, Electronic Commerce Portals, Home Automation, Drones….

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