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Self-employed workers also have the right to request sick leave for work. The requirements for this vary depending on whether it is a common illness or if the leave is the result of an illness or work accident.

According to the Legalteam consultancy, the main difference is that the autonomous requesting sick leave due to illness outside the workplace must andstay up to date with the payment of Social Security contributions. A requirement that is not essential in the case of having suffered a work accident.

In addition, the conditions of the benefit vary depending on the reason for requesting disability. Due to common illness, the self-employed person will begin to collect the benefit from the fourth day, while if the leave is derived from a work-related accident, they will collect the benefit from the day after its processing.

In cases of common illness, between days 4 and 20, the self-employed will obtain 60 percent of the regulatory base and from that day the benefit will increase to 75 percent. In the event of occupational disease, the self-employed person will charge 75 percent of the base from the first day of disability.

In any case, it is necessary to continue facing the payment of the fees of theSocial security during the leave period.

  • Documents to be submitted

In order to process the withdrawal, the self-employed person must go to the Social Security office or the corresponding Mutual Society and present theThe medical leave reports and the patient's ID. In addition, it must fill out an unsubscribe request which is available for download on the Social Security digital portal.

All this must be accompanied by proof of payment of the last three self-employed installments, in the case of common illness, and a sworn statement of activity status.

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