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It may be the case that, while unemployment benefit is collected, the opportunity arises to start an activity as a self-employed professional. In the event that the period as self-employed lasts less than 60 months, the benefit will be suspended, but in the case of exceeding those five years it will end up extinguishing, as the SEPE page states.

The help of arrest can be resumed in the following cases, provided that the rest of the conditions are met.

- When I've been as a self-employed worker for less than 24 months, regardless of being registered as a self-employed professional in any of the Social Security regimes.

- If the duration of the work as a freelancer has been above 24 months and below 60 months, also accrediting having registered as self-employed in the Special Regime of the Social Security of the Self-Employed Workers (RETA) or in the Special Regime of the Workers of the Sea.

In these two cases that we have just mentioned, once the activity ceases there is thepossibility of resuming unemployment benefit upon application. In the case of claiming it during the 15 business days following from the cessation of self-employment, the right to receive the charge will be effective from the day after the cessation.

  • Choose between two stop options

It may be the situation that after termination of work as a self-employedhad the possibility of accessing protection for cessation of activity. In this case, you would have the possibility to choose between receiving this or requesting again the collection of the unemployment benefit that you had suspended.

There are two situations that will end by extinguishing the unemployment benefit. On the one hand when self-employment lasts for 60 months or more or when the self-employed work is between 24 and 60 months and the professional has not registered during the development as a self-employed worker in any of the Social Security regimes.



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