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Your new Post Covid strategy

Covid 19 has changed our present and it will also change our future. It is in our hands to decide how we are going to face the uncertain challenge that lies ahead.

At this time, you have to surround yourself with a team of collaborators involved and concerned about the progress of your business, because it is indisputable that everything is changing.

At Ennumera, we have adapted our professional services to respond to the current needs of our clients, for this we have developed a program to "Restart your company" developing a personalized PostCovid strategy not only so that your business survives but also to be successful.

The lines that we are going to work on in this PostCovid Strategy will be the following:

  1. 6-9 month Treasury Plan.
  2. Search for financing, beyond the ICO lines.
  3. Search for Aid and Subsidies.
  4. Cost and process optimization.
  5. Feasibility studies for new lines and business models.
  6. Request for ERTEs for economic and organizational reasons.
  7. Business restructuring.
  8. Debt renegotiation.
  9. Pre-contests and creditors contests.
  10. Second Chance Law.

Each company, depending on its particular circumstances, must plan a different roadmap and at least to guarantee liquidity in the next 6-9 months to face a period in which we do not have certain data on how the economy will evolve. world. Not planning the future adequately is not a valid option at this time if you want to guarantee the survival and growth of your company.

A crisis always means an opportunity to rethink the operation of the business and to value having good advisors who are going to be in the most difficult moments such as the current ones.

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