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  • The tax invoice for donations from 100.000 euros is quadrupled by eliminating the 75% fee discount

    Fiscal policy has important implications in the day-to-day life of citizens. And the modifications included in the Budget Accompaniment Law - approved and delivered by the Consell to Les Corts for processing - make inheritances and donations significantly more expensive.

    It should be remembered that the first 100.000 euros are exempt in both cases, and will continue to be so, and that in 2013 the bonus in kinship fee was reduced from 99% to 75%, that is, "1% of the initial fee to have to pay 25% »

    When the modifications of the Consell come into force, the 75% bonus in inheritances will only be maintained for children under 21 years of age, while those over 21, spouses and ascendants "will have to pay twice as much as now", as it is reduced 50%. The estimated impact of the change for the public coffers is 86 million.

    The tax bill will become even more expensive in donations from parents to children, since the 75% bonus in kinship fee is eliminated, with which the Consell expects to raise three million more. "In practice, it assumes that those who could apply this discount will have to pay in the future four times what is paid now" for identical donations, underlines the expert, who advises making donations "already planned or to be made before the end of the year. they were contemplating each other.

    Among the beneficiaries of the reform are common-law couples, who see their tax treatment equated to marriages, and also third-degree relatives (brothers, nephews, sons-in-law / daughters-in-law and in-laws) who inherit shares in the family business, to the that the current benefits are extended. This measure seeks to "facilitate the continuity of the family business", which until now could be reduced by 95% of the value of the firm by regional or state channels, while in 2017 the first will be restricted to those that bill less than 10 million.

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